Uzin NC 150 Self-Leveling Compound

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Product Properties:

UZIN NC 150 is a modified dry powder mortar. When mixed with water it produces a cement leveling compound with excellent flow properties providing a cost effective, highly productive product for standard self-leveling work which sets to accept foot traffic after 2 – 3 hours*. * At 70 °F (21°C) and 65 % relative humidity. Depth of application and surface porosity will affect dry time.    


  1. Pour 6.0 – 6.5 quarts (5.7 – 6.1 liters) of cold, clean water into a clean container. Slowly pour in the powder and mix vigorously for 60 seconds or until blended to a viscous lump free consistency. Use a heavy-duty drill with the UZIN self-leveling compound mixer attachment (minimum 650 rpm). Do not overwater.
  2. Pour the mix onto the primed substrate and distribute evenly with an UZIN Smoothing Trowel or the UZIN Gauge Rake. For thicker coats or when using a smoothing trowel, flow and surface finish can be improved by using the UZIN Spike Roller. Where possible, apply to the desired depth in one application. A minimum depth of 1/8″ (3 mm) is required for exposure to caster wheels and on non absorbent surfaces. When applying over UZIN 1-component polyurethane or 2-component epoxy moisture vapor retarder, always prime surface with UZIN PE 280 or grit bind with sand.

Refer to the floor covering manufacturer regarding the maximum allowable substrate moisture content and qualify the substrate prior to installing UZIN NC 150. Always install adequate test areas including the finish flooring, to determine the suitability for the intended use. As floor coverings vary, always contact and rely upon the floor covering manufacturer for specific directives, such as maximum allowable moisture content, adhesive selection and intended end use of the product.